SDOT Project Development Internship

The Seattle Department of Transportation is seeking an undergraduate student to assist the Project Development Division to inform the public about City policies and related projects, what we are working to achieve and understanding community needs and considering their traveling experiences. Attendance at evening public meetings and weekend festivals is expected. Assignments may include taking before and after photos, creating exhibit boards, drafting PowerPoints, working with our graphic department to create compelling materials, fielding customer complaints and proposals, writing outreach summary reports.

Educational Benefit to Student:

The Project Development team will include the intern in top level meetings regarding major projects and policy decisions, engage the candidate in discussions about urban design, construction, and public process.  The team will provide opportunities for the intern to develop public engagement plans, presentations, web pages and other collateral materials with responsive review and critiques that encourage the candidate to improve and develop a strong sense of communication skills in the transportation sector.  The team will include the intern in planning event logistics such as open houses and festivals, staffing and talking to the public about their values and the projects we are proposing and conducting intercept surveys in the field.

Read more about the position and apply here.