Coyote Central Seeks Teaching Artists


Teaching Artist

Position Description: Coyote Teaching Artists are professionals in creative fields who develop 20-hour courses that teach sophisticated skills to students, aged 10-15. These project-based-courses challenge youth to problem solve, discover, and think independently. Their course results in thoughtfully designed final projects that students showcase and take home. Coyote Teaching Artists value and incorporate the principles of equity, collaboration, social emotional awareness, and community building into each session.

Contracted per 20-hr course for Weekend Terms or Week-Long Intensives

Reports to: Marybeth Satterlee, Program Director

Compensation: Starting at $35/hr

We are looking for someone who:
– is passionate about and has a deep love for their creative medium
– brings a dynamic spirit to the classroom that sparks students’ interest
– believes in the intrinsic capabilities of young people
– grounds their teaching in a dedication to racial equity, social justice, and gender identity
– encourages and supports each student’s unique emotional make-up, social identity and ways of being, learning, and expressing
– shows warmth and respect in communicating with teens, fellow teaching artists, and staff
– stays organized in shared spaces – portrays a heightened sense of empathy and team mentality
– demonstrates a balance of flexibility and structure – represents the diversity amongst the students we serve

Teaching Artist should have experience …
– working with students from a diverse range of backgrounds – teaching middle-school-aged youth
– providing activities that scaffold projects
– setting norms, resolving conflicts, and de-escalating situations
– supporting varying levels of experience and needs among a single group
– managing big-picture timetables

Teaching Artist will be responsible for…
– submitting a course syllabus 2 weeks prior to start date
– arriving to class 20 minutes early
– leading daily icebreakers, team-building activities, and reflections
– upholding Coyote Agreements and Teaching Values
– communicating clearly with Program Director in regards to absences, challenges, and support including completing quarterly email reflections
– attending a quarterly kick-off meeting and showcase

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