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Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Concentration in Political Communication

The University of Washington offers a unique opportunity for prospective Ph.D. students who wish to study political communication. Faculty in the departments of Communication, Political Science, and Technical Communication have integrated their teaching and research to provide an interdisciplinary Ph.D. concentration in this area of study.

Prospective students must apply to the graduate program of one of the participating departments. Those accepted for graduate study in one of the departments will then complete this program within the degree requirements of that home department. Financial support is also tied to the student's home department, although some research and teaching assistant positions may become available in other departments. Faculty supervisory committees may include members from different departments, and students are required to do coursework that crosses departmental boundaries.

Upon completion of the departmental Ph. D. and the requirements of this program, students will receive certification in Political Communication from the program committee. More importantly, students in the interdisciplinary political communication concentration have the opportunity to work with more than a dozen faculty from the three core departments and other social science and humanities disciplines, making this one of the largest and highest quality programs in this field anywhere in the world. Our ability to dissolve traditional departmental boundaries, to offer a rich menu of courses, and to provide prominent faculty mentors should enhance the career opportunities of our graduates.

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