Bill Schinski

CENTC Advisory Board Member

Bill Schinski┬ácompleted his Ph.D. studies (organic chemistry major; dual physical and biochemistry minors) at Rutgers U., New Brunswick, NJ in 1968 under Prof. Ron Sauers. His thesis research described a novel photochemical synthesis and solvolysis of highly strained “staranes” (five-membered ring homologues of adamantanes). He conducted post-doctoral research under Prof. Barry Trost at the University of Wisconsin during 1968-69, demonstrating the d-orbital mechanism for a sulfur extrusion reaction in a stereo-selective conversion of thietanes to cyclopropanes.

Dr. Schinski joined the Ortho Division of the Chevron Chemical Company in 1969 before transferring to the Catalyst Group for the Chevron Research and Technology Company in 1994. He acted as a planning consultant with Chevron’s Corporate-funded Strategic Research Program to establish major research initiatives in Bioprocessing, Homogeneous Catalysis, Facilitated and Ionic Transport Membrane Reactors, Microchannel Reactors, Ionic Liquid Processing, Fullerene Synthesis/Applications, Diamondoid Synthesis, Direct Methane Conversion and Hydrocarbon Functionalization. He retired from Chevron in 2005 and now serves as a consultant.