CENTC International Collaborations

Collaboration is at the core of CENTC with the vision that scientific advances benefit more from collaboration than from competition. The CENTC International Network for Catalysis Research expands and enhances this collaborative network to the broader international catalysis community by developing collaborations with international catalysis centers. Through this program, CENTC graduate student and postdoctoral trainees have the opportunity to undertake research placements at an international catalysis center and international students can be hosted at CENTC institutions.

An award supplement from the NSF Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) program and Division of Chemistry helps support travel expenses for CENTC-affiliated graduate student research assistants and postdoctoral researchers to engage in international collaboration with international partners. Funds are also available to support research-related expenses such as supplies for international partner’s research at U.S. host institutions.

For more information on this program, contact Nadine Gruhn at centcmgr@chem.washington.edu.


Catalysis schematic figure
Jonathan Goldberg, a graduate student from the Heinekey and Goldberg Labs at the University of Washington, travelled to the University of Edinburgh and worked in the Arnold and Love Labs, Summer 2015.