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  1999-2004 Kid's World Project
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1999-2004 Kids' World Project

214 families participated in the 99-00 interviews. Children who participated in the study lived in various family configurations: 29% lived with a single parent; 60% lived with both a biological mom and dad; 11% lived with one biological parent and one step-parent or they lived with a grandparent or sibling. The families who participated were also from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds: 16% of the children were African American; 3% were of Asian background; 4% were of Hispanic background; 70% were European American or White; and 5% were of multiple cultural or ethnic backgrounds or other background. The families who participated represent the variety and richness of children’s experiences, and this will be very informative as we try to understand children’s family and neighborhood experiences. We want to thank the families who participated for letting us into your homes and find out more about you and your experiences.

191 of these families returned for second and third interviews 1 and 2 years after their first one. These follow up interviews are critical to helping us understand how children grow and change! Thanks for letting us watch your children grow for 3 years!!