Kid's World Project
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  1997-1999 Children, Families, & Neighborhoods Project
  1999-2004 Kid's World Project
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Introduction to Kid's World

The Children, Families and Neighborhoods Projects are studies aimed at better understanding how children’s individual personalities and coping contribute to how they respond to their environment. We know that all children are different, and two children experiencing similar situations can respond very differently. We want to understand what parents and children do to help their children adjust positively to their life situations.

Children who adapt well in stressful or difficult situations are called “resilient.” If we can understand what parents and children do to help their children develop positive social skills, responsibility, and self-esteem, we can help other children to adopt similar behaviors. We will use our growing understanding of what contributes to children’s resilience and self-esteem to develop interventions to promote positive adjustment.

We are committed to developing interventions that apply to a wide range of children: children with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, from single and two-parent households, and from all walks of life. That is why we want the families that participate in our project to be diverse and from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.