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Information for Schools and Teachers

Thank you to the schools, principals, and teachers who helped us with this project:

School Principal
Adams Barbara Nielson
B.F. Day Susan McCloskey
Broadview-Thompson Herb Packer
Bryant Terry Acena
Gatzert Jean Anthony
Hawthorne Carol Coram
John Muir Carmen Tsuboi-Chan
Leschi Patricia Newton
Montlake Claudia Allen

Classrooms.  By contacting families through public school classrooms, we have the opportunity to interview families from all walks of life and with a broad range of experiences. This is critical so that the information we obtain from this study will be meaningful for children with a wide range of backgrounds. Teachers distributed our information forms to parents, collected them, and returned them to the project. When classrooms collected a majority of the information forms that were sent out to families, they received an honorarium of between $25 and $50 (depending on whether they collect 50%, 75% or 90% of the forms) to be used in any way the class chose.

Ms. McVay's class at Leschi elementary school used their honorarium towards a field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo, and Ms. Sawyer's B.F. Day Elementary class used it towards a field trip the Seattle Art Museum. Ms. Boswell's John Muir Elementary class used the honorarium to fund classroom activities that rewarded students' good behavior, which has included a pizza party, root beer float party, and a popcorn party. Ms. Superfisky at John Muir Elementary purchased lesson plan materials; Ms. Thompson at B.F. Day Elementary purchased books for a rocks and minerals science unit; and Ms. Towler's Bryant Elementary class brainstormed together to decide to buy playground equipment, rainy day games, and art supplies with the honorarium. We hope the honorarium was useful for everyone!

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