Field Course News and Related Stories

Monkeying Around in Remote Indonesia
UW Arts and Sciences Perspectives (September 2015)

25th Annual Field Course on Tinjil Island, INDONESIA: Promoting Conservation Biology, Global Health, and Global Citizens (Summer, 2015)

UAV Technology Demonstrated for Potential Application in Conservation Biology and Global Health. (Summer, 2014)

Ayla Wilson '14 (College of Coastal Georgia) talks about her study abroad experience on TInjil Island, Indonesia with the UW IFSP-Indonesia program
Brightwork (Official magazine of the College of Coastal Georgia, Fall, 2013)

20 Years of Primatology, IPB Presents Award to Randall Kyes
(Indonesian and English Translations) - July 2012

Fear and Pooh at Paws-on Science
University of Washington - Department of Psychology - Summer 2012

'Animals and the Future' exhibit at UW's PAWS-on-Science activities
WaNPRC - April 2012

The Center for Global Field Study: Training Environmental Stewards Worldwide."
University Week
(University of Washington News & Information), Autumn 2009

"Where In The World Are Our Psychology Majors?"
Psychology at the U of W
(Newsletter of the University of Washington Department of Psychology), Spring 2008

"Indonesian Field Study Program."
Center Update
(Newsletter of the Washington Regional Primate Research Center), Winter 2002

Worldwide Training Global Initiatives Empower Local Action
myZoo - Woodland Park Zoo - Spring 2011

Woodland Park Zoo Blog
Conservation leaders of tomorrow remember yesterday
September 30, 2010

"Taking a Walk on the Wild Side."
A&S Perspectives
(Magazine of the University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences), Autumn 1998

UW - inSPIRE (pdf)
Students Presenting International Research Experinces
A UW Educational Outreach Program