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Before the Ming dynasty, most fine furniture was made of lacquered softwoods. In the Ming hardwood furniture became more and more fashionable. Most of the highly desired wood for furniture came from South East Asia. As hardwood furniture was more durable, most of the examples of classical Chinese furniture that now exist come from the Ming period or later.


How does this canopy bed differ from the one seen below?










A woodblock print from a Ming dynasty novel showing a woman relaxing in her bed                                                source  





How would sleeping in this bed differ from sleeping on a kang?


To see a bed of this sort still in use in a peasant household in the 1980s, click here.








Ming bed with table                                                     source


Below is a picture of a Ming Dynasty "luohan bed." This piece of furniture might be placed in a reception hall or in a studio for relaxation during the day. A kang table could be used on top of it for enjoying refreshments.




Why are the back and sides carved in an open-work pattern?





Ming dynasty luohan bed                                      source




Certain kinds of beds such as the one seen to the right resemble platforms more than beds.

What would be the advantage
of such a piece of furniture?

A Ming Dynasty woodblock print showing a man on a daybed.   source

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