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Innis Arden--A Restricted Residential Community
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William and Bertha Boeing subdivided the land south of Edmonds in 1940, named it Innis Arden, and hired Hugh Russell as sales agent. A set of restrictive covenants were registered on August 28, 1941. Reproduced on this page is the brochure that the Hugh Russell Realty company used in marketing property in the new "Restricted Residential Community" in the 1940s. The "Protective Restrictions" with the racial clause ("no person other than one of the white race shall be permitted to occupy any property in said addition...") are still part of part of the covenant that families purchasing property today in Innis Arden are required to sign. The racial restriction is no longer visible (appearing as #15 "invalid") but it still exists in the underlying document. Some of the current homeowners of Innis Arden are circulating a legal petition to have the racial restriction removed from the community covenant. A new law makes this process easier. Here is the current covenant with the invisible item #15 that home purchasers are required to sign. Here is  the Innis Arden Community Association web site which includes information on the existing covenants and the petition to remove the offensive racial restriction. Here is a brief Innis Arden History. Here is more about the new law.

Below is the brochure with "protective restrictions" circulated by the Hugh Russell Realty Company. Click on any of the images to see an enlarged version. Photos: Bill Schnall.



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