Special Section: The Asian American Movement

Asian Coalition for Equality (ACE)

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The Asian Coalition for Equality (ACE) was founded in the late Spring of 1969, and was the first civil rights organization in Seattle whose mission was to mobilize Asian Americans in multi-racial solidarity campaigns and promote Asian American consciousness. Below and to the right are links to documents, writings, photos, and interviews about ACE's brief but important activism.

Rev. Mineo Katigiri was ACE's leader and spokesperson.

"Seattle Orientals Urged to Join Rights Struggle." Seattle Times, June 3, 1969.

"The White Peril? How it Looks Today on the Civil-Rights Scene." Seattle Times Magazine, June 9, 1969.

Mineo Katigiri

University of Washington. In July, 1969, ACE-affiliated undergraduate and graduate students confronted Charles Evans, head of the University of Washington's Special Education Program (SEP) and demanded that Asian Americans be included in the UW's affirmative action recruiting which had previously only included Black, Chicano, and Indian students. Their success inspired them to lay the foundations for the UW's first Asian American student organization.

"Asian Students Confront SEP." UW Daily.

"confrontation!" Filipino Forum, August 15, 1969.

"U.W. Appoints 5 Students as Recruiters of Asians." Seattle Times, July 17, 1969.

"An Opportunity for Minorities." UW Daily, August 14, 1969

"Asian Coalition to Organize Action Coalition for Recruits." UW Daily.

Mineo Katigiri

Woody Wong, Larry Matsuda, and Tony Ogilvie Confront the UW Administration.

Black Contractor and Worker Solidarity. In August and September of 1969, ACE mobilized Asian Americans to participate in direct action protests led by the Central Contractors Association that demanded the desegregation of the region's construction industry. Afterward, ACE activists challenged police repression of the protests.

"Tempers Flare at City Hall Meeting Over Police Conduct." Seattle Times, September 30, 1969.

"Should Orientals Join Blacks in Racial Protests?" Seattle Times, October 12, 1969.

Mineo Katigiri

Social Clubs. In late 1969 and into the early 1970s, ACE actively sought to pressure local elite social clubs to open their membership to people of color.

"Asians Picket Elks Club." Seattle Times, March 16, 1970.

"Coalition Backs Evans's Liquor License Proposal." Seattle Times, January 5, 1972.

"Asians for Action": ACE's Newsletter

ACE Documents

Interviews with ACE Activists
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Phil Hayasaka, ACE Co-Founder

Hayasaka Interview Photo

Larry Matsuda, ACE UW Campaign

Larry Matsuda Interview Photo

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