Special Section - 1907 Bellingham Riots

1907 Bellingham Riots
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On-Line Resources

  • Center for Pacific Northwest Studies
    The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies seeks to enhance public and scholarly understanding of the region’s past and present through expansion of its archival holdings, public programming, and publications. The Center’s collections include private papers, organizational and institutional records documenting economic, social, cultural and political trends significant to the Pacific Northwest.
  • Community to Community Development
    Community to Community Development is a women-led place based, grassroots organization working for a just society and healthy communities. They are committed to systemic change and to creating strategic alliances that strengthen local and global movements toward social, economic, and environmental justice.
  • Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies
    The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies supports a network of scholars in cutting-edge research, education, and outreach about work, workers and their organizations. The Center engages students in labor studies through courses and field work. We promote connections between students, faculty, and labor communities locally and around the world, and inform policy makers about issues confronting workers.
  • No One Is Illegal – Vancouver
    No One is Illegal-Vancouver is a grassroots anti-colonial immigrant and refugee rights collective with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized backgrounds. The No One is Illegal campaign has two goals: to attain concrete victories for immigrants and refugees and to develop the communities' own capacity to attain justice and dignity for themselves and their families.
  • Whatcom Human Rights Task Force
    The mission of the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force is to promote and protect the rights of the human family. The WHRTF works to ensure an individual's right to be treated with dignity and to live without fear of violence, intimidation, or discrimination based on group identification or personal characteristics.
  • Whatcom Museum of History & Art
    The Whatcom Museum provides leadership in the fields of history and art in the Pacific Northwest. Through preservation, collections, exhibitions, and educational programs, the Museum enhances the quality of life for our community.


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