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Filipino Cannery Unionism Across Three Generations 1930s-1980s

Photographs and Documents

Here are collections of photographs, documents, and newspapers that show the history of cannery workers and their unions. Each image below leads to a separate collection.

Fred and Dorothy Cordova’s FANHS Collection

Dozens of 1930s-40s pictures of cannery work and activities of Cannery Workers and Farm Laborers Union. Also images of the Filipino Youth Association (FYA) 1950s-60s; copy of Bamboo (1952); newsletters of the Demonstration Project for Asian Americans 1981

**Cannery Workers Local 7/ Local 37 Documents (1940s) **(FANHS Collection)

Pamphlets from the 1940s and early 1950s including the famous 1952 Local 37 yearbook edited by Carlos Bulosan.

Newspapers from Cannery Workers Local 7 (1942-49) (Inland Boatman’s Union Collection)

Digitized copies of _Cannery Workers News, Cannery Courier,_ and also an issue of Truth, a newspaper published by the rival Seafood Workers Union (AFL).

Philippine-American Chronicle 1933-35

Digitized copies of the Seattle-based weekly that supported the Cannery Workers and Farm Laborers Union in its early years.

KDP and Committee for Justice Documents and Newsletters (Cindy Domingo Collection) 

The Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP) emerged in the Filipino American Community in 1973. The KDP embraced the dual goal of establishing socialism in the US, as well as supporting the National Democratic Movement led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Here are newspapers, leaflets, and documents produced by the KDP and organizations affiliated with the KDP.

**Oral Histories: Cannery Union leaders and members **(FANHS Collection)

Transcripts of interviews with activists who built the union in the 1930s and 1940s, including Antonio Rodrigo, Bruno Tapang, Carlos Malla, Gerald Laigo, Josefa Barrazona, Paul Tabayoyan, Perry Woodall, Roman and Hazel Simbe, Sinsorso and Fell Ordona, Santiago (Jim) Beltran. And also Filipino community builders Rufina Clemente Jenkins, Francesca Robinson, and Fred Cordova.

Oral Histories: Alaska Cannery Workers Association Activists (Cindy Domingo Collection)

Transcripts of interviews with Josephine Patrick, Michael Woo, David Della, Emma Caatgue, Andy Pascua, Bing Ardanas, Helen Torbio, Nemesio Domingo, Rick Bonus, Daniel Schirmer, John Caughlan.

Carlos Bulosan, the renowned Filipino-American author, became publicity director of Local 37 in 1952, editing the 52-page Yearbook, now a collector’s item. The 1952 Local 37 yearbook is reproduced here in pdf. format courtesy of FAHNS.