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Essentials of Interactive Computer Graphics: Concepts and Implementation


                                                 Kelvin Sung (

                                                 Peter Shirley (

                                                 Steven Baer (

        Computing and Software Systems     UW Bothell


o   Sample materials:

o   Preface

o   Table of Content, and a

o   Sample Chapter (Chapter 10 on Coordinate Systems)


o   Source code to all the Tutorials in the book (organized by chapters).  NOTES:

1.      The source code provided with the book only works with Visual Studio 2005. To work with Visual Studio 2008, follow the above source code link and re-download all the tutorials.

2.      If you are working with Window-7 or if you have WinSDK installed on y our machine, you need to comment-out (or delete) all of the WINVER define statements (in uwbgl_MFCDefines.h, uwbgl_Common.h, and stdafx.h).

o   FAQ on Direct3D installation

o   FAQ on XNA Framework installation


o   Some additional fun examples.

o   Powerpoint slides for this book (organized by chapters)

o   FAQ: for compiling/running the tutorials: including D3D, XNA Framework, MFC, installation and tutorial compilation. Basically, everything except questions on programming with UWBGL.

o   UWBGL programming questions: Questions you may run into when programming with, and/or modifying UWBGL libraries.

o   Errata and Bugs

o   Publisher’s web-site: Link to AK-Peters.


This book is a result of our on-going investigation into:




Description: NSFThis material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0442420. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Nation Science Foundation.

Description: MSThe refinement of this course material is supported by a grant from Microsoft Research under the Computer Gaming Curriculum in Computer Science RFP, Award Number 15871.

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