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April 17, 2014

Billing issues

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We’ve received several reports of issues with swiping cards. Users report an error message

“billing plug-in returned no results”

Reports indicate this is a periodic problem and that some (but not most) payments successfully process.

We’re looking into this now.

If you have anything to report in addition to the above information please contact us at uwcshelp@uw.edu

12:35 – UPDATE we’ve begun a support call with the vendor. Will update this shortly

2:13 – UPDATE the support call continues. We have not given up

3:57 – UPDATE the vendor suspects this may be an underlying problem with the OS. We’ll be taking the servers offline momentarily for a few minutes

4:27 – UPDATE we’re at a working state now. PLEASE NOTE that all release stations will *appear* to time out on the first swipe. During this time the release station is re-conencting to the print servers. Subsequent swipes should behave normally.

The vendor will continue to work towards determining the root cause of this, and we will be checking uwcshelp@uw.edu overnight to ensure repeated outages do not occur.

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