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July 27, 2022

Dawg Prints Down (Resolved August 8th)

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Edit 6: Dawg Prints My Print Center website has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Edit 5: Dawg Prints My Print Center will still be down until the Shibboleth issue is resolved. Please download print drivers here or use the library computers to print your documents.

Edit 4: Some of the Dawg Prints functionality has been restored. Please restart the print stations. The website will still be down.

Edit 3: Dawg Prints will continue to be down. Likely down tomorrow as well.

Edit 2: Dawg Prints continues to be down. Next update later this evening.

Edit 1: Dawg Prints is still down. We are still working on a solution.

Dawg Prints is currently down. We are working on a solution as soon as possible. ETA is expect to be tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your patiences.

-Your Dawg Prints team

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