Human Studies Core

The Human Studies Core (HSC), formerly called the Clinical Research Core (CRC), provides specialized technical resources and expertise to enhance the efficiency, productivity and multidisciplinary nature of clinical research performed by Diabetes Research Center (DRC)-affiliated investigators. To facilitate both clinical and translational research in diabetes, obesity and related disorders, the Human Studies Core offers the following services:

  • Specialized phenotypic measurements including hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamps, hyperglycemic clamps, frequently sampled intravenous glucose tolerance tests (FSIGT), and oral glucose and mixed meal tolerance tests.
  • Mathematical modeling of FSIGT, oral glucose and mixed meal tolerance test data to provide estimates of insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function.
  • Assistance with the identification and recruitment of study subjects utilizing several local and one national electronic medical record systems that capture information from large numbers of persons with diabetes and associated metabolic diseases.
  • Support for subject recruitment for clinical research through a patient registry maintained by the Human Studies Core that includes persons with type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as persons without diabetes who have expressed interest in participating in diabetes research.
  • Provision of data and tissue from the Japanese American Community Diabetes Study Repository.
  • Consultation and support with the methodologic aspects of research including study design and logistics, patient recruitment methods, and advice on statistical analytic methods for diabetes focused grant applications.


If the DRC has supported your research in any way, please support us by citing the DRC grant number P30DK017047 in the acknowledgment section of your publications.

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