Chargeback Rates

Service Unit Price*
Tissue Fixation and Sectioning
Tissue processing and embedding Block $5.04
Microtome/cryostat use (core provides slides) Slide $1.33
Microtome/cryostat use (PI provides slides) Slide $0.53
Histochemical/Immunocytochemical Staining
H&E staining Slide $1.41
Histochemical special staining Slide $7.34
IHC – manual (10 slides minimum) Slide $12.78
IHC – automated Slide $28.79
Specialized Microscope Use
Confocal/Superresolution microscopy use Hour $50.00
Laser Capture Microscope use Hour $100.00
PEN Membrane Slides for LCM Each $10.39
Nanozoomer (hour) Hour $45.87
Deltavision (hour) Hour $53.77
Nikon conventional scopes (hour) Hour $25.00
Automated Quantitative Analysis
Visiopharm (hour) Hour $24.53
Technical Assistance Hour $39.22
Consultation – Director Hour $92.15
* Invoices paid with non-UW funds will be charged an additional 8% F&A rate.

Rates are subject to change