Vector and Transgenic Mouse Core

The overall goal of the Vector and Transgenic Mouse Core is to provide Diabetes Research Center affiliate investigators with state-of-the-art vectors necessary to overexpress, knockdown, knockout, or alter expression of RNAs and proteins of interest in cultured cells, isolated tissues, and animals. To accomplish this goal the Vector and Transgenic Mouse Core provides the following to Diabetes Research Center affiliate investigators:

  • Production of lentivirus vectors, adeno associated virus (AAV) vectors, retrovirus (MMLV) vectors and adenovirus vectors for use in animals, tissues and cells;
  • CRISPR/Cas9-directed gene editing;
  • Production of lentiviral constructs for generation of transgenic and knockdown mice;
  • Production of non-viral vectors for generation of transgenic, knockout, and knockin mice;
  • Specialized molecular biology methods not routinely performed in affiliate investigators’ laboratories;
  • Cost-effective production of genetically engineered mice through the University of Washington (UW) Transgenic Resources Program;
  • Consultation and training