Poster Presentations

Poster Abstracts

During Lunch on Friday
Presenters will be at their posters to talk with you about their work.
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  1. “Just a Moment” Musical Theater for Persons with Dementia and Their Care-Partners
    Lee Burnside1, Adele Lim2, Jennifer Kulik2
    1UW Division of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 2UW Musical Theater Program
  1. The de Tornyay Center Wellness Network: Enhancing the Wellness of Elders in our Community
    Barbara B. Cochrane, Oleg Zaslavsky, Nancy F. Woods, Thomas J. Eagen, Di Wang,
    UW School of Nursing
  1. Designing Action Briefs for Asian-American Caregivers to Encourage Early Identification of Dementia
    Nikki Eller1, Lesley Steinman1, Wesley Lum2, Heather Chun2, Marci Getz3, Basia Belza1
    1UW Healthy Brain Research Network, Health Promotion Research Center, 2National Asian Pacific Center on Aging (NAPCA), 3Washington State Department of Health
  1. Demonstrating Safety Benefits and Cost Savings of Deprescribing Insulin in Geriatric Patient with Type-Two Diabetes
    Mallory Farrar, Leigh Ann Mike, Plein Center for Geriatric Pharmacy, UW School of Pharmacy
  1. Nurse Delegation: Perspectives of Delegators and Caregivers in Home Care and Adult Family Homes
    Jordan Hardman, Barbara B. Cochrane, UW School of Nursing
  1. Association Between Central Nervous System-Active Medication Use and Fall-Related Injury in Older Adults with Dementia
    Laura A. Hart1, Zachary A. Marcum1, Shelly L. Gray1, Rod L. Walker 2, Paul K. Crane3, Eric B. Larson2,3
    1UW School of Pharmacy, 2Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, 3UW Division of General Internal Medicine
  1. Iterative Evaluation of the “Memory Fitness Program:” Imbedding Best Practices in a Specialized Activity Program
    Emily Hilderman1, Albert Munaga2
    1Era Living, Health and Wellness Program, 2Era Living Quality Improvement Program
  1. Building Community-Clinical Linkages: Physical Therapist Feedback on Building Linkages with a Physical Activity Program
    Marlana Kohn1, Miruna Petrescu-Prahova1, Daron Ryan1, Amanda Parrish1, Jeffrey Harris2
    1UW Health Promotion Research Center, 2UW Department of Health Services2
  1. Fostering Dementia Friendly Communities and Programs in Washington State
    Lynne Korte, Hilarie Hauptman, Dementia Action Collaborative/ Public Awareness and Community Readiness Subcommittee; Dementia Friendly Communities Project Team: Marigrace Becker, Carla Calogero, Hilarie Hauptman, Cathy Knight, Lynne Korte, Cathy MacCaul, Marty Richards
  1. SB 5557: Washington Legislation Opens Door for Expansion of Pharmacy Services
    Derry McDonald, Lena Chaitesipaseut, Michelle Lan, UW School of Pharmacy
  1. No Cook Bags: A Program to Reduce Hunger Among Downtown Homeless Seniors
    Creseta Simmons, Noel Chrisman, UW School of Nursing, Pike Market Food Bank
  1. Addressing Depression in Older Caregivers for Persons Living with Dementia: New Partnerships for the Local PEARLS Program
    Lesley Steinman1, Mark Snowden1, Anita Souza2, Alzheimer’s Association – Washington Chapter, King and Snohomish County PEARLS programs
    1UW Health Promotion Research Center, UW Healthy Brain Research Network, 2UW School of Nursing
  1. Physical and Cognitive Status, Care Needs and Services Utilization of Institutionalized Older Adults
    Pei-Chin Wu1, I-Chuan Li2
    1UW School of Nursing; 2School of Nursing, National Yang-Ming University
  1. Case Managers’ Perspectives on Quality of Home Care
    Michelle Yip, Barbara Cochrane, UW School of Nursing
  1. Momentia in My Neighborhood: An Asset-Based Community Development Approach to Producing Dementia-Friendly Programs
    Yuanjin Zhou1, Marigrace Becker2, Cayce Cheairs3
    1UW School of Social Work; 2Community Education & Impact, UW Memory & Brain Wellness Center, 3City of Seattle, Seattle Parks and Recreation