i.e. stands for the Latin id est, which translates roughly as “that is” or “in other words.”  i.e. is a subset of e.g. that recognizes excellence in genre writing.  Whereas those essays selected for e.g. represent exemplary academic writing, those published for i.e. demonstrate excellence in writing in a different genre, such as a newspaper editorial or short story.  Because first year composition courses at the UW allow students the opportunity to write in multiple different genres for a variety of audiences, writing nominated for i.e. should be   written for a specific, non-academic audience and exhibit an awareness of the features that make that target genre unique.

Winning Essays

2010-11 Essay Selection

That’s So Ghetto!” by Pat Origenes

2009-10 Essay Selection

‘Cinderella’: An Excerpt From Bedtime Stories with Holden Caulfield” by Sarah Montgomery




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