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Starting January 1, 2024 all diagnostic tools and the FASD 4-Digit Diagnostic Code Online Course are distributed electronically and available free of charge. Share with us which items you would like to receive by completing our Order Form.

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  • Journey through the Healing Circle (2000)

    A partnership of Washington State agencies, health-care experts, and traditional Northwest tribal storytellers has produced a collection of stories, health tips, and practical knowledge to help parents and foster parents learn about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and understand how it affects their children. The stories are conveyed through a series of videotapes, video CDs and workbooks entitled "Journey Through the Healing Circle." Please click on the link above to visit their website where you can view a 30-second preview of the video, and download materials such as a news release, a fact sheet, or an order form for obtaining the books, videos or CDs