Erect coralline red alga  
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Habitat and Range

C. vancouveriensis in a tide pool growing on rocky substrate. Here it is shown with limpets and snails of the genus Littorina.




C. vancouveriensis is found from the Aleutian islands south to the Galápagos (Johansen 1976). On San Juan Island, WA USA, it is found at Cattle Point (all specimens shown here collected at this locality) and some specimens from False Bay have been deposited into the FHL herbarium. It is also found on other rocky intertidal areas on the western coast of the island. It is epilithic and is typically found on rocky shores in the lower intertidal in or just outside of tide pools (Johansen 1976). See the Morphology section for more information.

Johansen, H. W. 1976. Family Corallinaceae. In. A. Abbott and G.J. Hollenberg (eds), Marine algae of California. Stanford Univ. Press, California, 379-419pp.