Erect coralline red alga  
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A close-up of the branching in C. vancouveriensis



Division: Rhodophyta

Order: Corallinales

Family: Corallinaceae

Genus: Corallina

Speces: C. vancouveriensis Yendo 1902

Type locality is Port Renfrew (Vancouver Is) British Columbia. (Johansen 1976)

-Corallina vancouveriensis has occasionally been referred to as C. vancouverensis in the literature (Riosmena- Rodríguez & Siqueiros-Beltrones 1995).
-C. vancouveriensis is very similar in form to C. officinalis var. chilensis. The latter does not have the same dense branching that C. vancouveriensis has. C.officinalis also has longer intergenicula off the main axes (3mm compared to 1mm in C. vancouveriensis).

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