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Computational Biomimetics

The Computational Biomimetics Facilities comprise two computer laboratories, 1. a computer farm dedicated for high throughput modeling and bioinformatics computations, and 2. a modeling and visualization laboratory.

1. The Computer Farm supervised by Samudrala (Microbiology) is of a cluster of about 360 processors with a cumulative processing power of 4.7 x 1012 instructions per clock (661 GHz), 169 GB RAM, and 30568 GB HD. All the machines run the Linux operating system. This exclusive facility is available for the GEMSEC's and collaborators' computational needs.


2. The Modeling and Visualization Laboratory is located in Wilcox 237, in the Univeristy of Washington main campus. This laboratory has 5 personsl computers equiped with MathCad, HyperChem, NAMD, Tinker, and VMD for various computational and visualization (including 3D visualization) needs.