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  1. NanoInk GEMSEC Workshop - GEMSEC hosted a workshop that highlighted the most recent applications and protocols relating to deposition of biomaterials by dip-pen lithography (July 2010)

    Visit: NanoInk Workshop

  2. Research Experience for Teachers - GEMSEC co-sponsored and organized a week-long workshop for high school teachers to help them develop materials science-related lesson plans (July 2010)
    Visit: Research Experience for Teachers

  3. Materials Camp for High School Students - GEMSEC co-sponsored and organized a week-long hands on summer day camp which introduced students to the field of Materials Science (July 2010)
    Visit: Materials Camp for Students

  4. NUE-UNIQUE - GEMSEC hosted a week-long nano-science instrumentation workshop for undergraduates (June 2010)
    Visit: NUE-UNIQUE

  5. Paws on Science - GEMSEC took part in the Pacific Science Center's exhibit showcasing the research done at the University of Washington for the general public, (April 2010)
    Visit: Paws-On-Science

  6. Molecular Biomimetics & Bionanotechnology IV Workshop - Annual GEMSEC workshop in Friday Harbor, WA (August 2009)
    Visit: Meetings/Workshops

  7. KBCS Radio Interview - Sarikaya and his group were interviewed, on Molecular Biomimetics by KBCS One World Report, (November 2009)
    Visit: KBCS One World Report

  8. R&D Magazine - Nanoparticles enable brain tumor painting by Miqin Zhang (August 2009)
    Visit: R&D Magazine

  9. ACS NanoInterview - Sarikaya was interviewed, along with Zhenan Bao of Stanford University, on Molecular Recognition by ACS Nano Episode 13, (June 2009)
    Visit: ACS Nano Interview

  10. 12th Undergraduate Research Symposium - Four GEMSEC students presented their work (May 2009)
    Visit: Undergraduate Research Symposium

  11. GEMSEC is organizing a Symposium at the 237th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Salt Lake City, UTAH, (March 22-26, 2009) Symposium, a part of the Nanoscience Theme, is titled Genetically-Designed Molecular Materials, organized by Candan Tamerler and Mehmet Sarikaya.
    Visit: ACS Symposium "Genetically-Designed Molecular Materials"

  12. NPR Interview - Sarikaya was interviewed, along with Janine Benyus, the author of highly acclaimed book "Biomimicry", on Biomimetics by Steve Scher on the Weekday Program (Dec 17, 2008)
    Visit: NPR Interview

  13. GEMSEC-Sponsored Symposium at MRS Fall Mtg, Boston, MA, (Dec. 1-5, 2008)
    Symposium Y: Biomineral Interfaces - From Experiment to Theory, organized by John S. Evans (NYU and GEMSEC Investigator)
    Visit: MRS Fall 2008 Symposium Y

  14. Prototype "bionic" contact lens developed in Prof. Babak Parviz's Lab has been named one of 50 Best Inventions of 2008 by Time Magazine (Dec 2008)
    Visit: TIME's Best Inventions of 2008

  15. Prof. Ram Samudrala's automated approach for analysing protein function is highlighted by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR). (Oct 2008)
    Visit: NIDCR - News Brief

  16. Prof. Francois Baneyx's group has been awarded the highly competitive Grand Challenge Exploration Grant to develop new types of vaccines for infectious diseases, along with four other UW grantees. (Oct 2008)
    Visit: Grand Challenges in Global Health - Press release

  17. Tamerler and Sarikaya are the Guest Editors of MRS Bulletin, titled: "Molecular Biomimetics", (May 2008).
    Visit: "Molecular Biomimetics", MRS Bulletin, May 2008

  18. Prof. Christine Luscombe's group has been awarded the DOE "Solar America Initiative" Grant (Nov 2007)
    Visit: Department of Energy - News

  19. Prof. David Ginger is one of the 2007 Sloan Research Fellowship Award Winners from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Feb 2007)
    Visit: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

  20. The Washington Research Foundation's 25th annual report showcases Prof. Ram Samudrala's work on therapeutic discovery. (Jan 2007)
    Visit: Washington Research Foundation - 25th Anniversary


  1. Karen Hinkley wins the 2009 Kishor M. Kulkarni Distinguished High School Teacher Award
    Visit: Kishor M. Kulkarni Distinguished High School Teacher Award

  2. Prof. Christine Luscombe wins DARPA Young Faculty Award for her research on organic photovoltaic devices
    Visit: DARPA Young Faculty Award 2008

  3. Prof. David Ginger receives ACS Unilever Award at Colloid and Surface Science Symposium (June 2008)
    Visit: 82nd ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium

  4. Prof. David Ginger is named a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar (May 2007)
    Visit: Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program

  5. Prof. Alex Jen receives Faculty Innovator for Research Award from the College of Engineering, University of Washington, (2007)
    Visit: Community of Innovators Awards

  6. Prof. Alex Jen receives Changjiang Endowed Chair Professorship, Ministry of Education, China (2007)

  7. Prof. David Ginger receives a Cottrell Scholar Award from the Research Corporation (June 2006)
    Visit: Cottrell Scholar Awards

  8. Prof. David Ginger receives the NSF CAREER award (Jan 2005)
    Visit: Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

  9. Prof. Younan Xia - Winner of 2005 Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award
    Visit: NJACS - Baekeland Award Symposium

  10. Prof. David Ginger - Winner of the 2004 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers Award
    Photo: The White House press release