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Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization Laboratories provide scanned probe and electron microscopes facilities to characterize materials and devices that range from molecular, nano- to microscale. Characterization instrumentations provide the capabilities for imaging, diffraction, and spectroscopy. They include optical/fluorescent microsocpe (Wilcox 135, Sarikaya), confocal microscope (Nanotech Center), scanning probe microscopes - STM & AFM (Roberts 121, Sarikaya; Nanotech Center), scanning and transmission electron microscopes (Roberts 116 & 118, Sarikaya; Nanotech Center). In addition, NMR is available to GEMSEC through John Evans at New York University and Surface Characterization, Chemical Engineering Facilities.



Online Instrument Sign-up for Qualified Users:

Veeco Nanoscope IIIa with MMAFM
Park CP & Hysitron Triboscope
Nikon TE 2000 Microscope
Resource Scheduler (JSM 7000 SEM, Bruker, D8 Focus XRD, Philips EM420 TEM)