Graduate & Professional Student Senate

April 26, 2017

Senate with Sam. April 26, 2017.

Spring term is in full swing now and 2 Senate meetings have already happened yet exciting things are afoot. This week we will talk about new resolutions, guest speakers, and the upcoming events, including elections.

Currently the Senators are just passed a new resolution in support of May Day. The authors are encouraging graduate students and senators to participate in the May 1 Day of Action and Resistance. The authors asked the student body, The University of Washington President, and the Board of Regents, to join several organizations and groups to walk out in protest. The fully passed resolution can be found here.

Mostly recently the Senators heard from Emma Williams, Associate Ombud, and Denzil Suite, Vice President of Student Life. Graduate Student Senators were given a unique opportunity to talk with and hear from these people about their roles, and their offices roles on campus. These UW Administrators and their offices are typical of the high quality and importance of people who come and talk with the Graduate Student Senate.

On May 4 GPSS will be hosting its Spring Event in the HUB Lyceum room. Like all of our events expect food, drinks, and, in honor of the unofficial Star Wars Holiday, lightsabers and Jedi! While not required, a Star Wars costume is always appreciated!

On May 17 GPSS will hold is annual elections electing the five officer positions, President Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of External Affairs, Treasurer, and Secretary. Any UW graduate student, or incoming fall term graduate student, can run for these positions, however you need to attend at least 3 GPSS meetings. These include the Senate Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, or Finance and Budget Committee Meetings. For further information please look at our homepage for an Elections Guide.

That about sums up the comings and goings of your GPSS Office. Like always our meetings are open to all graduate students. Come for the snacks, but stay for the engaging conversations!