GPSS Spotlight

March 2023 – Kaylin Ellioff

Profile photos of Kaylin Ellioff

Prior to moving to Seattle, Kaylin received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At UW, Kaylin is a PhD student in the pharmacology program, where her focus is on CBD, other, lesser known compounds, and the pain-relieving effects of cannabinoids, especially in the context of our nation’s opioid epidemic. In addition to these concerns, Kaylin is also interested in how our brain circuitry is affected by chronic pain and hopes to contribute to the current research and understanding of chronic neuropathic pain. Although she’s keeping an open mind to future career opportunities, Kaylin would love to run her own research lab in a university setting. 

During her undergraduate degree, Kaylin worked as a barista and as an animal technician for researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her favorite musician as of late is Still Woozy, and one of her favorite shows in the everlasting 90s series, Twin Peaks. Originally from Wisconsin, Kaylin does miss her favorite cheeses, smoked gouda and Wisconsin white cheddar, as well as deep fried cheese curds and a regional card game called Sheepshead. Since moving to Seattle, Kaylin has enjoyed the UW cherry blossoms, Lake Union, playing volleyball at Golden Gardens, Mt. Rainier and activities on Ballard’s Market Street, like the coffee shops and farmer’s market.

Kaylin’s impact at GPSS

Since her initial involvement with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) in 2021, Kaylin Ellioff has been an invaluable resource for the GPSS and member of the UW community. Kaylin became involved with GPSS during her first year as a PhD student when, after hearing about the GPSS Travel Grant Committee, she reached out to volunteer. Over the last year, Kaylin streamlined the grading process for grant applications, optimized grading criteria and decided who should be funded. As Kaylin reviews the applications, she prioritizes need-based applicants while also rewarding students’ ability to explain research, positive faculty recommendations, good academic-standing, students delivering presentations at conferences, and applications with an emphasis on community engagement upon the student’s return. Kaylin finds her work on the Travel Grant Committee especially rewarding because she’s exposed to the wide array of research happening on campus; she loves playing a role in opportunity, professional development, and community outreach on campus. Because GPSS officers and staff are all full-time graduate students, we rely heavily on the amazing members of our community, like Kaylin, to keep our organization functioning smoothly and efficiently. Thank you Kaylin!

In addition to her commitment to GPSS, Kaylin is also a member of the Tri-Campus Advisory Board (TABS) committee, where she hopes to prioritize disability resources on campus, improve campus safety, increase food availability on campus, increase the availability of UW’s counseling center, and create more resources for international students.