Executive Senators

Each year, senators are elected to serve on the GPSS Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for a multitude of various issues related to GPSS and the Senate. Specific tasks include addressing the issues and concerns identified by the Senate, review and recommend an annual budget to the Senate for the following fiscal year, annually approves funding guidelines and criteria to be used by the Financial and Budget Committee, and much more.

Current Senate Members of the Executive Committee

Charles Bugre, Executive Senator Information Science cbugre@uw.edu

Raj Shekhar Dewangan, Executive Senator Real Estate rajsd@uw.edu

Clare Koesters, Executive Senator Comparative Religion ckoest@uw.edu

Maleen Kidiwela, Executive Senator Oceanography seismic@uw.edu

Ella Spurlock, Executive Senator Chemistry espurloc@uw.edu

Sarah Ibrahim, Executive Senator Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership sahrai@uw.edu

Noah Hough, Executive Senator Materials Science and Engineering nynguyen@uw.edu