Governing Documents

GPSS is primarily governed by a Constitution and Bylaws. On certain limited subjects, GPSS is also governed by policy memorandums passed by the Executive Committee.


The Constitution establishes the GPSS and sets down high level rules of operation. Amendments to the Constitution require the approval of two-thirds of the Senate.



The Bylaws expound on the Constitution by setting out detailed rules of operation, but is subservient to the Constitution if they are in conflict. Amendments to the Bylaws require the approval of a majority of the Senate.


The Executive Committee has the power to pass policy memorandums on internal GPSS subjects, such as on submission timelines and the functions of ad hoc Committees. Any actions of the Executive Committee are subject to review by the GPSS.


Number* Subject
M-01.22-23 GPSS Public Commentrary Policy






Summer 2023 Student Technology Fee Committee Special Project

Departmental Allocations Representation Requirements

Special Committee and Board Appointments

Creation of an Ad-Hoc Committee for Alternative Emergency Services

Creation of a Joint Resolution Process

M-01.19-20 Creation of an Ad-Hoc Committee for Strategic Planning
M-01.18-19 GPSS Resolution Deliberation Process
M-02.18-19 Special Projects Fund Allocation
M-03.18-19 GPSS Non-Academic Seat Petition Process
M-04.18-19 Summer Work Policy for GPSS Officers
M-01.17-18 Legislative Advisory Board
M-02.17-18 General Fund Withdrawal Policy
M-01.16-17 GPSS Resolution Submission Process Policy
M-02.16-17 GPSS Executive Senator Term
M-03.16-17 GPSS Liaison Term
M-01.15-16 GPSS Resolution Sponsorship and Submission Policy
M-02.15-16 Attendance and Proxy Policy of GPSS Senators
M-03.15-16 Science and Policy Committee
M-04.15-16 Graduate Student Experience Committee
M-05.15-16 State Legislative Advisory Board
M-06.15-16 Federal Legislative Advisory Board
M-07.15-16 Diversity Committee
M-08.15-16 Travel Grants Committee
*The updated numbering system for memorandums applies retroactively.