Philosophy & Scope

Nanocrystals and Nanomagnetism

Prof. Kannan M. Krishnan (Principal Investigator)

  • Chemical synthesis of metallic/oxide nanocrystals with controlled morphologies (alloys, core-shell structures), narrow size distributions, well-defined shapes and functionalized surfaces.
  • Studies of self-organization in weakly interacting systems. Ferrofluids and liquid crystals.
  • Fundamental investigations of their static/dynamic magnetic behavior as a function of assembly, dimensionality, inter-particle interactions and surface functionalization.
  • Phase stability and coupled properties in nanocrucibles.
  • Magnetic and spin-transport in MNP-polymer hybrids

Active Projects
Metallic core-shell nanostructures : synthesis, stability, coupled properties and novel devices
Funding: NSF/DMR #0501421 (7/05 - 6/09)

Completed Projects
Isolated and Collective Magnetic Phenomena in Metallic Nanocrystals and their Superlattices
Funding: NSF/DMR #0203069 (07/01/02 - 06/30/05)

Mr. Tianlong Wen, Graduate student MSE (9/05 - )
Dr. Suchita Kalale, Post-doctoral Fellow (8/07 - )
Ms. Layra Reza, Graduate student MSE (9/07 - )
Mr. Yi-Cheng Lee, Graduate student MSE (3/06 - )

Prof. D. Shindo (Tohoku University, Japan), Electron Holography
Prof. Y. Gao (Beijing Normal University), Electron Holography
Prof. P. Fannin (Trinity College, Ireland), Dynamic magnetic measurements
Dr. M. Ohnuma (National Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan), SAXS
Prof. Hector Calderon (IPN, Mexico), Electron Microscopy
Prof. R. Narain (Laurentian University, Canada) Surface Functionalization
Prof. J. Chapman (U. Glasgow) Lorentz Electron Microscopy
Prof. S. Kevan (U. Oregon), X-ray Magnetic Scattering

Project Alumni
Dr. (Ms.) Marcela Gonzales-Weimuller (Graduate Student, MSE: 2002-2007)
Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering, UW
Dissertation: " Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia: Synthesis, Modeling and Quantification"

Mr. Chris Petz (Undergraduate Student, MSE: 2004-2007)

Prof. S.-H. Yoon (Visiting Scientist, MSE: 2006-2007)

Dr. Saikat Mandal ( Post-doctoral Fellow, MSE: 2005-2006)

Dr. (Ms.) Yuping Bao (Graduate Student, MSE: 2001-2006)
Dual Ph. D., in Materials Science & Engineering and Nanotechnology, UW
Dissertation: “Synthesis, Self-assembly and Potential Applications of Cobalt-based Nanoparticles with Tailored Magnetic Properties”.
Presently, Assistant Professor, Dept. Chem and Bio Engineering, University of Alabama)

Mr. Jared Silvia (Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry: 2003-2004)

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