Brenda Luu

Brenda is a senior majoring in Microbiology with the hopes of pursuing optometry. Although she is equally disturbed and fascinated by microbes digesting corneas, she is excited to learn about how vision works (in conjunction with hearing) from the neuroscience perspective.


Karl Marrett

Karl Marrett is a senior in the lab studying neurobiology with emphasis on computational neuroscience. He came from a research background in ecology and plant physiology, and worked in public and global health research at Battelle in Seattle. His current research is with Professor Adrian KC Lee designing a high bit-rate auditory P300-based brain computer interface (BCI) for patients with ALS or for commercial use. The Computational Neuroscience Training Program and involvement with the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering has instilled a passion for pursuing research in the biophysics of neural engineering problems. He is interested in pursuing projects on learning models in relation to BCIs and continuing his academic education in areas of applied math, biophysics, or biomedical engineering at the graduate level. Karl received the Mary Gates Research Scholarship and was named a Levinson Emerging Scholar.


Jonathan Mount

Jonathan Mount joined the lab in June 2011, is a sophomore at the University of Washington, and plans to major in bioengineering. This summer he is a NSF-REU sponsored undergraduate CSNE fellowship member, and will conduct behavioral experiments that will enable us to characterize a listener's attentional state. These experiments will also be used for further neuroimaging studies.