Project EMAR

This project is an interdisciplinary investigation of teen-robot interaction in an effort to effectively capture adolescent stress levels during interactions with a social robot.

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EMR (Ecological Momentary Reflection)

Ecological Momentary Reflection (EMR) is a method using video enabled reflection within a classroom or learning environment to help students assess their perceptions of self and learning across time. 

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Build-a-Bot: Robot Designer VR Game

Bot Designer is the design and development of a virtual reality game that allows teens to design a simple robot by selecting various robot parts in a robotics lab.

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EMAPP (Ecological Momentary Assessment App)

EMAPP is the design and development of a smartphone research tool to capture momentary data in real-time in the real-world. 

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RESeT (Relaxation Environment for Stress in Teens)

RESeT is the design and development of a self-administered virtual reality relaxation center to be installed in a local high school. 

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 Teen Design Lab

The Teen Design Lab is a website for teenagers to engage in academic research through features such as design challenges, surveys, and interactive studies. 

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