Tour of Lab Inflatables (and other paraphernalia)

Our own Flying Animal Courier, ready to take us into DotA2.

Ms. Winky

'Nurse Chasey'

Our only x-rated inflatable, demurely dressed here to accompany former lab member driving to start professional school elsewhere..."

The jet airplane theme continues, with an Air France Airbus A380.

(Thanks to Yannick!)

Scotty, all the way from Antarctica


guardian and symbol of our 'go for the throat' version of science.


John Glenn, transported by a worm hole, from the now-defunct Viagra space station to the back of a T.rex

Go Lab Racer!

Lab Shrine to Success

Experimental Assistants and Aids

Enema Man - Go figure! (He is not actually inflatable, which is probably just as well.)

Lab platypus mascot, imported from Down Under

Funding cow (udder has NCI, NIH, and HHMI teats). Sadly, Bossy has become a little deflated over the last few years...

Fly boys

Lab jetliner (ignore parachuting pilot...)


Lab mascot and source of tetrodotoxin

High resolution structural model of Werner Syndrome protein showing helicase and exonuclease domains

Some days we're perpetually underwater...

French baseball player-Quelle horreur!

RIP - Inflatables from the Past


The John Glenn Millipore/Viagra inflatable international spacestation,

our very first inflatable, now in Inflatable Heaven