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Publications 2014

Shiovitz S, Bertagnolli MM, Renfro LA, Nam E, Foster NR, Dzieciatkowski S, Luo Y, Lao VV, Monnat RJ Jr, Emond MJ, Maizels N, Niedzwiecki D, Goldberg RM, Saltz LB, Venook A, Warren RS, Grady WM; Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology. (2014) CpG Island Methylator Phenotype is Associated With Response to Adjuvant Irinotecan-Based Therapy for Stage 3 Colon Cancer. Gastroenterology Epub May 21. PMCID and PDF file are pending.

Lauper JM, Monnat RJ Jr. (2014) Diabetes mellitus and cancer in Werner syndrome. Acta Diabetol. Feb;51(1):159-61, Epub Feb 6, 2013 PMC3669637 [ pdf ]

Friedman JI, Li H, Monnat RJ Jr. (2014) Quantifying the information content of homing endonuclease target sites by single base pair profiling. Chapter 11 in Methods Mol Biol. 1123:135-49, David R. Edgell (ed.) [ pdf ]

Li H, Monnat RJ Jr. (2014) Homing endonuclease target site specificity defined by sequential enrichment and next-generation sequencing of highly complex target site libraries. Chapter 12 in Methods Mol Biol. 1123:151-63, David R. Edgell (ed.) [ pdf ]

Pellenz S, Monnat RJ Jr. (2014) Identification and analysis of genomic homing endonuclease target sites. Chapter 16 in Methods Mol Biol. 1123:245-64, David R. Edgell (ed.) [ pdf ]


Publications 2013

Metzger MJ, Stoddard BL, Monnat RJ Jr. (2013) PARP-mediated repair, homologous recombination, and back-up non-homologous end joining-like repair of single-strand nicks. DNA Repair (Amst). Jul;12(7):529-34. PMC3683368 [ pdf ]

Glukhova VA, Tomazela DM, Findlay GD, Monnat RJ Jr, MacCoss MJ (2013) Rapid assessment of RNAi-mediated protein depletion by selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry. J Proteome Res. Jul 5;12(7):3246-54 PMC3767422 [ pdf ] [ supplemental data pdf ]

Lao VV, Welcsh P, Luo Y, Carter KT, Dzieciatkowski S, Dintzis S, Meza J, Sarvetnick NE, Monnat RJ Jr, Loeb LA, Grady WM (2013) Altered RECQ helicase expression in sporadic primary colorectal cancers. Transl Oncol. Aug 1;6(4):458-69 PMC3730021 [ pdf ]

Hughes BT, Sidorova J, Swanger J, Monnat RJ Jr, Clurman BE (2013) Essential role for Cdk2 inhibitory phosphorylation during replication stress revealed by a human Cdk2 knockin mutation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May 28;110(22):8954-9. PMC3670391 [ pdf ]

Lauper JM, Krause A, Vaughan TL, Monnat RJ Jr. (2013) Spectrum and risk of neoplasia in Werner syndrome: a systematic review. PLoS ONE 8(4):e59709 PMC3613408 [ pdf ]

Berti M, Chaudhuri AR, Thangavel S, Gomathinayagam S, Kenig S, Vujanovic M, Odreman F, Glatter T, Graziano S, Mendoza-Maldonado R, Marino F, Lucic B, Biasin V, Gstaiger M, Aebersold R, Sidorova JM, Monnat RJ Jr, Lopes M, Vindigni A (2013) Human RECQ1 promotes restart of replication forks reversed by DNA topoisomerase I inhibition. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology Mar;20(3):347-54. PMC3897332 [ pdf ]

Monnat RJ Jr. (2013) Chapter on Werner Syndrome in WHO Classification of Tumours of Soft Tissues and Bone p. 393-4, C.D.M. Fletcher, J.A. Bridge, P.C.W. Hogendoorn, F. Mertens (eds.) [ pdf ]


Publications 2012

Sidorova JM, Kehrli K, Mao F, Monnat R Jr. (2012) Distinct functions of human RECQ helicases WRN and BLM in replication fork recovery and progression after hydroxyurea-induced stalling. DNA Repair (Amst) Feb 1;12(2):128-39 PMC3551992 [ pdf ]

Duxin JP, Moore HR, Sidorova J, Karanja K, Honaker Y, Dao B, Piwnica-Worms H, Campbell JL, Monnat RJ Jr, Stewart SA (2012) Okazaki fragment processing-independent role for human Dna2 enzyme during DNA replication. J. Biol. Chem. 287:21980-91. PMC3381158 [ pdf ] [ supplemental data pdf ]

Li H, Ulge UY, Hovde BT, Doyle LA, Monnat RJ Jr. (2012) Comprehensive homing endonuclease target site specificity profiling reveals evolutionary constraints and enables genome engineering applications. Nucleic Acids Res. Mar 1;40(6):2587-98 PMC3315327 [ pdf ]


Publications 2011

Windbichler N, Menichelli M, Papathanos PA, Thyme SB, Li H, Ulge UY, Hovde BT, Baker D, Monnat RJ Jr, Burt A, Crisanti A. (2011) Genetic drive of a synthetic homing endonuclease-based element in populations of the human malaria vector Anopheles gambiae. Nature May 12;473(7346):212-5. PMC3093433 [ pdf ]

Ulge UY, Baker DA, Monnat RJ Jr. (2011) Comprehensive computational design of mCreI homing endonuclease cleavage specificity for genome engineering. Nucleic Acids Research May;39(10):4330-9. PMC3105429 [ pdf ]


Publications 2010

Monnat RJ Jr. (2010) Human RECQ helicases: Roles in DNA metabolism, disease pathogenesis and disease therapy. Seminars Cancer Biol. 20(5):329-39. PMC3040982 [ pdf ]

Sidorova JM, Monnat, RJ Jr. (2010) DNA Helicase-deficiency Disorders, in Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, Article # A6065

Mao FJ, Sidorova JM, Lauper JM, Emond ME, Monnat RJ Jr. (2010) The human WRN and BLM RecQ helicases differentially regulate cell proliferation and survival after chemotherapeutic DNA damage. Cancer Research 70(16):6548-55. PMC2941797 [ pdf ] [ supplemental data pdf ]

Thangavel S, Mendoza-Maldonado R, Tissino E, Sidorova JM, Yin J, Wang W, Monnat RJ Jr, Falaschi A, Vindigni A. (2010) Human RECQ1 and RECQ4 helicases play distinct roles in DNA replication initiation. Mol Cell Biol. Mar;30(6):1382-9 PMC2832491 [ pdf ]

Dhillon KK, Sidorova JM, Albertson TM, Anderson JB, Ladiges WC, Rabinovitch PS, Preston BD, Monnat RJ Jr. (2010) Werner syndrome protein loss leads to divergent mouse and human cell phenotypes. DNA Repair (Amst) Jan 2;9(1):11-22 PMC2818259 [ pdf ]


Publications 2009

Rey L, Sidorova JM, Puget N, Boudsocq F, Biard DSF, Monnat RJ Jr, Cazaux C, Hoffman JS. (2009) Human DNA polymerase eta is required for common fragile site stability during unperturbed DNA replication. Molec Cell Biol Jun;29(12):3344-54 PMC2698728 [ pdf ] [ supplemental data pdf ]

Sidorova JM, Li N, Schwartz DC, Folch A, Monnat RJ Jr. (2009) Microfluidic-assisted analysis of replicating DNA molecules. Nature Protocols 4(6):849-61 PMC2762429 [ pdf ]

Li H, Pellenz S, Ulge U, Stoddard BL, Monnat RJ Jr. (2009) Generation of single-chain LAGLIDADG homing endonucleases from native homodimeric precursor proteins. Nucleic Acids Res. 2009 Jan 19. PMC2655683 [ pdf ] [ supplemental data pdf ]

McConnell Smith A, Takeuchi R, Pellenz S, Davis L, Maizels N, Monnat RJ Jr, Stoddard BL. (2009) Generation of a nicking enzyme that stimulates site-specific targeted gene correction froms the I-AniI homing LAGLIDADG endonuclease. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA Mar 31;106(13):5099-104. PMC2664052 [ pdf ] [ supplemental data pdf ]


Publications 2008

Stoddard BL, Scharenberg AM, Monnat RJ Jr. (2008) Advances in engineering homing endonucleases for gene targeting: Ten years after structures. Chapter 6 in Progress in Gene Therapy 3: Autologous and Cancer Stem Cell Gene Therapy, R. Bertolotti and K. Ozawa (Eds.), World Scientific Press, Hackensack, NJ. pp. 135-167. [ pdf ]

Sidorova JM. (2008) Roles of the Werner syndrome RecQ helicase in DNA replication. DNA Repair 7:1776-1786 PMC2659608 [ pdf ]

Loeb LA, Monnat RJ Jr. (2008) DNA polymerases and human disease. Nature Reviews Genetics 9:594-604 [ pdf ]

Berkovich E, Monnat RJ Jr, Kastan MB. (2008) Assessment of protein dynamics and DNA repair following generation of DNA double-strand breaks at defined genomic sites. Nature Protocols 3:915-922. [ pdf ]

Sidorova JM, Li N, Folch A, Monnat RJ Jr. (2008) The RecQ helicase WRN is required for normal replication fork progression after DNA damage or replication fork arrest. Cell Cycle. 7(6):796-807 [ pdf ]

Publications 2007

Eklund JL, Ulge UY, Eastberg J, Monnat RJ Jr. (2007) Altered target site specificity variants of the I-PpoI His-Cys box homing endonuclease. Nucleic Acids Research 35(17):5839-50. PMC2034468 [ pdf ]

Sharma A, Awasthi S, Harrod CK, Matlock EF, Khan S, Xu L, Chan S, Yang H, Thammavaram CK, Rasor RA, Burns DK, Skiest DJ, Van Lint C, Girard AM, McGee M, Monnat RJ Jr, Harrod R. (2007) The Werner syndrome helicase is a cofactor for HIV-1 long terminal repeat transactivation and retroviral replication. J Biol Chem. Apr 20;282(16):12048-57. [ pdf ]

Kudlow B, Kennedy BK, Monnat RJ Jr. (2007) Werner and Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndromes: mechanistic basis of human progeroid diseases. Nature Reviews Molecular and Cellular Biology 8: 394-404. [ pdf ]

Eastberg J, Eklund J, Monnat RJ Jr, Stoddard B. (2007) Mutability of an HNH nuclease imidazole general base and exchange of a deprotonation mechanism. Biochemistry 46:7215-7225. [ pdf ]

Monnat RJ Jr. (2007) From broken to old: DNA damage, IGF1 endocrine suppression and aging. DNA Repair Sep 1; 6(9): 1386-90. PMC2704237 [ pdf ]

Berkovich E, Monnat RJ Jr, Kastan M. (2007) Roles of ATM and NBS1 in chromatin structure modulation and DNA double strand break repair. Nature Cell Biology 9:683-690. [ pdf ]

Volna P, Jarjour J, Baxter S, Roffler S, Monnat RJ Jr, Stoddard B, Scharenberg A. (2007) Flow cytometric analysis of DNA binding and cleavage by cell surface-displayed homing endonucleases. Nucleic Acids Research 35: 2748-2758. PMC1885675 [ pdf ]

Dhillon K, Sidorova J, Saintigny Y, Poot M, Gollahon K, Rabinovitch PS, Monnat RJ Jr. (2007) Functional role of the Werner syndrome RecQ helicase in human fibroblasts. Aging Cell 6: 53-61. [ pdf ]

Publications 2006

Ashworth J, Havranek JJ, Duarte CM, Sussman D, Monnat RJ Jr, Stoddard BL, Baker D. (2006) Computational redesign of endonuclease DNA binding and cleavage specificity. Nature 441:656-659. PMC2999987 [ pdf ]

Monnat RJ Jr. (2006) 'Werner Syndrome as a Model of Human Aging', In Handbook of Models of Human Aging, P. Michael Conn, ed. Elsevier Academic Press, Chapter 80, pp. 961-976.

Publications 2005-2000

Chevalier B, Monnat RJ Jr, Stoddard BL. (2005) 'The LAGLIDADG Homing Endonuclease Family', in Homing Endonucleases and Inteins, M. Belfort, B.L. Stoddard, D.W. Wood, V. Derbyshire (Eds). Springer, Berlin. pp.33-47.

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Monnat RJ Jr, Saintigny Y. (2004) The Werner syndrome protein: in vivo function and disease links. Science's SAGE-KE (available at: http://sageke.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/2004/13/re3). [ pdf ]

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Saintigny Y, Monnat RJ Jr. (2002) L'Hélicase RecQ, dont les altérations sont à l'origine du syndrome de Werner, participe à la réparation de l'ADN par recombinaison homologue. Médecine Sciences 18:79-85. [ pdf ]

Monnat RJ Jr. (2001) Cancer pathogenesis in the human RecQ helicase deficiency syndromes, in 'From Premature Gray Hair to Helicase: Werner Syndrome Implications for Aging and Cancer', edited by M. Goto and R.W. Miller. GANN Monograph on Cancer Research 49: 83-94.

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Publications 1999-1995

Galburt E, Chevalier B, Tang W, Jurica MS, Flick KE, Monnat RJ Jr, Stoddard BL. (1999) A novel endonuclease mechanism directly visualized for I-PpoI. Nature Structural Biology 6:1096-1099. [ pdf ]

Monnat RJ Jr. (1999) Unusual features of thyroid carcinomas in Japanese patients with Werner syndrome and possible genotype-phenotype relations to cell type and race (originally entitled 'No association of specific WRN mutations with thyroid cancer risk or histologic subtype in Werner syndrome patients' prior to editorial retitling). Cancer 86:728-729. [ pdf ]

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Publications prior to 1995

Monnat RJ Jr. (1992) Werner syndrome: molecular genetics and mechanistic hypotheses. Exp. Gerontol. 27:447-453. (first prediction that that the WRN protein may have helicase activity)

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