Plasmid information

We are happy to share plasmids which may prove useful to your research. Our most frequently requested plasmids are available directly from Addgene, including those shown below. A search for "Monnat" on Addgene's website will show all of our plasmids currently held in their repository.


For plasmids not available from Addgene, please direct requests to Ray Monnat. We will require a completed Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) to process any such request.

All information in documentation provided here or via Addgene is accurate to the best of our knowledge. It is the responsiblity of the party using any material supplied by the Monnat Lab to confirm the accuracy of this information before use. The Monnat Lab makes no explicit claim as to the efficacy or safety of any plasmid or reagent.

Recovery protocol

Plasmid shipment and recovery