Research Topics


university of washington

Our current research focus is in these sub-areas where mechanics and physics at small length and temporal scales play important roles:

    1) Mechanical reliability of nanoporous materials as low-dielectric coatings for semiconductor industry and as wear-and-corrosion-resistant coatings for aircraft structures and components;
    2) Thin film adhesion measurement and ultra-high-strain-rate materials behavior study using laser-induced stress waves;
    3) Nanomaterials synthesis and size-dependent plastic behavior of surface nano and microstructures;

    4) Mechanics of cells and biomaterials, and ultrasonic and laser-based chemical and biological sensing;

    5) MEMS-based nanotechnology for imaging and biomedical applications;

    6) Fabrication and characterization of metal-intermetallic nanolaminate composites and metal-ceramic multilayer composites.