Courses developed or offered by Prof. Wang





Description: photoelasticity by J. Wang

At University of Washington

ME355: Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

ME461/561: Mechanics of Thin Films

ME498/599: Boeing class Structural Analysis in Commercial Aircrafts

ME556: Experimental Stress Analysis I

ME557: Experimental Stress Analysis II


At UC Riverside

ME180: Optics and Lasers in Engineering

ME170A: Experimental Techniques

ME114: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

ME261: Theory of Elasticity

ME266: Mechanics and Physics of Materials

ME250: Seminar in Mechanical Engineering

Biomaterials as Scaffolds for Stem Cells (part of CMDB207, Stem Cell Biology)

At California Institute of Nanotechnology (short courses)

Nanomaterials characterization, Level One

Nanomaterials characterization, Level Two