Core Projects

NESAC/BIO Core projects are aimed at advancing the state-of-the-art for surface analysis in biology and medicine through a combination of developments in new instrumentation, experimental techniques, and data analysis methods. Core projects are selected to expand NESAC/BIO spectroscopic and imaging capabilities for obtaining detailed information about the surfaces of complex biomaterials. These projects are organized and done by NESAC/BIO investigators, staff, post-docs, and students.
Core projects fall within the categories of:

-Standards and Model Systems
-Surface Chemical State Imaging
-Instrument and Technique Development

Selected Examples of Current Core Projects:

(Please see "Publications" link for more information on these and other core projects)

-Characterization and Functionalization of Gold Nanoparticles

-Conformation and Orientation of Immobilized Proteins

-Multivariate Processing of ToF-SIMS Images

-SFG Spectroscopy

-Cluster Ion Beam Sources for ToF-SIMS Analysis of Biomaterials

-LK Peptide Adsorption onto Self-Assembled Monolayers