Promoting media literacy education


The NW Center for Excellence in Media Literacy has a commitment to research and in particular to research focusing on media literacy education, an area of research which is still in its infancy. Marilyn Cohen, Director and Research Associate Professor, College of Education, University of Washington, leads all the NW Centerís research endeavors. The NW Center conducts both qualitative and quantitative research. Its qualitative research efforts have involved considerable work with focus groups that include parents and youth, as well as teachers, health educators, and other professionals and paraprofessionals working with children and youth. Its qualitative and quantitative research efforts have also guided the development of the curriculum kits it has produced (e.g. Teens, Tobacco & Media, Take It Seriously: Sex, Abstinence & Media, Food for" Thought, and Powerful Choices: Powerful Kids) as well as some of its recent website development efforts, including and

In addition to her own research efforts, Dr. Cohen has joined Professors Erica Austin and Bruce Pinkleton, faculty of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication, Washington State University to focus on two major areas the Center addresses: sexual and reproductive health education and tobacco prevention. The results of their collaboration have proven exciting for those having special interest in media literacy education and its potential impact. Most recently the Center has joined Dr. Erica Austin (PI and also Director of the Murrow Center for Media and Health Promotion), Dr. Jill Schultz (WSU) and Dr. Mary Katherine Deen, (WSU Extension) and their team for a large scale research project focused on the subject of healthy eating.

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