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Website Development
Letís Talk Teens, Sexuality and Media is intended to give parents and teachers practical suggestions for using the media to address issues of sexual and reproductive health in both home and school. The development of this site is based on extensive research involving parents and professionals across Washington State. This siteís development made possible with support from the Washington State Department of Health has been guided by a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health. The site also highlights the Centerís curriculum module Take It Seriously: Sex, Abstinence & Media (TISSAM) that has been successfully pilot tested with thousands of youth and offers details for obtaining a TISSAM tool kit for your school or community group.

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Teen Aware: Sex, Media & You was developed as a means of providing an archive for the extensive collection of teen-generated media work as well as other resources created during the time Washingtonís Teen Aware Project, coordinated by Washington Stateís Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, was in operation. Teen Aware was an abstinence-based sexual and reproductive health project which ended in 2002 and involved schools throughout Washington State. This site made possible with funding from the CDC and support from the Washington Office of the Superintendent contains a vast collection of teen generated media material as well as a vast number of media literacy-based lessons plans designed to address sexual and reproductive health issues. Those using a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health also report also finding many resources on this site very useful.

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Teen Health and the Media presents some of the major teen health issues that the NW Center addresses. This is the first of the several websites that the Center began developing. It was made possible with the interdisciplinary support of the Washington State Department of Health, Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Washington State Department of Social and Health Services/Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Since its launch in the late 90s, the site has had several million visitors and continues to this day to generate comment and inquiries on a frequent basis.

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Nutrition, Media & Your Family is an outgrowth of the Centerís work with parents of children enrolled in Washington Stateís Head Start and Early Childhood and Assistance Program (ECEAP). The site developed in collaboration with the Centerís partner Action for Media Education also contains a parent resource booklet entitled Food for Thought. This booklet can be downloaded in both English and Spanish. Nutrition, Media & Your Family was made possible with funding from Steps to a Healthier US Cooperative Agreement of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the support of Public Health-Seattle & King County.
The Media Clubhouse is a site the NW Center developed in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County. This site coordinated by the NW Center highlights the work of Boys and Girls Club members as they address issues of nutrition and physical activity. A curriculum module entitled Powerful Choices developed by the NW Center and adapted for use in the Clubs provides useful background information as members create their media pieces. Development of The Media Clubhouse site was made possible with funding from Public Health-Seattle & King County and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Parent Leaders of Washington highlights some of the activities that have taken place during one of the Centerís major projects focused on parents (2000-2007). The purpose of the project was to train parent leaders to coordinate and organize their own parent education efforts in their respective communities based on community needs which they helped to identify.

The target audience for these parent education efforts was the parents of teens, a population that can prove hard to reach unless there is an identified problem and it becomes essential that they become involved. The intent was to reach parents of teens as a means of preventing problems. This project made possible with the support of the Washington State Department of Health put the parent leaders in charge of parent education and the results were most impressive!
Action for Media Education (AME) is a non-profit organization that has been a NW Center partner for several years. AME board members include parents and representatives of the areas of education, journalism, mass communications and community health. See AMEís website to learn more about this organization and how you can become involved in media literacy education.
Images of Youth Film Festival site is sponsored by Action for Media Education with support from the NW Center for Excellence in Media Literacy. The purpose of the Images of Youth Film Festival is to encourage teens to generate their own videos about a wide range of content areas. A distinguishing feature of this festival is the process by which the pieces are judged, placing primary emphasis on content with technical expertise assuming a secondary role. It should be noted that teens play an integral part in the judging process for entries as well as in the presentations on the evening of the event. The website presents an archive of festival videos.