Promoting media literacy education


The Northwest Center for Excellence in Media Literacy has been serving the community in the Pacific Northwest for many years. It must be noted however that the Center always welcomes the requests it continues to receive from organizations and agencies outside the Northwest.

  1. Speakers Bureau

    Individuals and groups seeking a speaker to address media literacy education for a special event, conference or other gathering are able to rely on the NW Center as a point of contact to help identify an individual who could meet their needs. The Center is frequently able to give a recommendation from its Speakersí Bureau for an individual who would be able to address the topic of particular interest.

  2. Consulting Services

    The NW Center has organized and implemented many media literacy workshops and institutes as well as a highly successful series of media literacy education conferences. Individuals and organizations from across the United States contact the NW Center seeking assistance. The Center receives a variety of requests from those that are either involved in media literacy education themselves or seeking to become more involved. Most who contact the Center have a need to locate individuals who would be willing to share ideas and strategies with them regarding such issues as program development, writing new curriculum materials, mobilizing community members and/or organizing a media literacy event such as a conference.

  3. Resources

    Whenever possible, the NW Center places media literacy resources online so that they can be shared with the widest audience possible. This service is made possible through its many websites including,, and While the Center possesses a vast array of other resources, its websites provide an excellent vehicle for sharing some of the many materials it has created.