OMA&D Academic Counseling Services

The Q Center is seeking mentors and mentees! The Queer Mentoring Program at the Q Center will pair UW students who are discovering, exploring, questioning, or otherwise engaging with their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression with other LGBTQ UW students, faculty or staff who have been there, can relate, and have life experiences from which to draw upon to provide amazing mentoring. The Queer Mentoring Program provides an affirming, exciting, and safe environment in which one’s experience with sexuality, gender identities and expressions is celebrated and supported by educated and experienced mentors.

Mentors can talk with you about your joys, concerns, questions, and challenges in your private and community life. Mentors are knowledgeable about community resources, seek to make a contribution to the LGBTQ communities, are accountable to their mentee and the Mentoring Program, and are willing to make a significant time commitment to their mentees.

Mentors are required to complete a brief (1 hour) training with the mentoring program coordinator.

If you are interested in this program or have any questions, please contact Jessica Warmbo at 360-434-4333, or at

If you would like to apply for the program as either a mentor or mentee, please fill out the applications attached to this email, which are also available on our website, and send them to Jessica Warmbo at or turn in a hard copy at the Q Center located on Schmitz Hall 450, Box 355838 Seattle, WA 98195.

2012 Mentee Application Form

2012 Mentor Application Form