• December 08, 2022

    PacTrans Director Brings Regional Tribal Technical Assistance Program Center to UW

    The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) officially announced the awards of six Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Cooperative Agreements to support Native American communities’ access to federal funding, improve safety, and economic opportunity. The University of Washington is home of the Northwestern TTAP Center. Professor Yinhai Wang is honored to direct this Northwestern TTAP Center, and Professor Margo Hill of Eastern Washington University, will serve as the Center’s Associate Director. This Center will serve the Tribal community in the Northwest Region (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho). 

    The TTAP Centers are meant to provide comprehensive transportation training and technical assistance to tribal communities, building skills and expertise to ensure the safety and maintenance of tribal roads and the continuous professional development of tribal transportation workforces. There are many synergistic opportunities between this Center and PacTrans.