PacTrans regularly generates two categories of publications:

  1. The center’s contract that allows it to exist as the region 10 UTC requires it generate a series of reports to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Technology and Research (OST-R)
  2. The center subsequently produces a number of regular publications to keep educators, practitioners, researchers, students, and others industry affiliated apprised of what we are doing



Publication Contents

UTC Reports

Program Progress Performance Reports (PPPR) –  This is due twice per year. These reports basically require the center to restate its goals and the progress it has made toward those goals since it last reported

Recipient Share Report – This is due once per year. UTC funded research requires that the researcher find a 1:1 match from a second source. This product documents these matches

Performance Indicators Report – This is due once per year. OST-R requires each UTC to report on a total of six program wide indicators:

  1. Number of transportation-related courses offered at consortium universities
  2. Number of students participating in transportation research projects funded by this grant
  3. Number of transportation-related advanced degree programs that utilize grant funds to support graduate students
  4. Number of graduate students supported by this grant
  5. Number of students support by this grant who received degrees
  6. Number of total dollar value of research projects selected for funding using UTC grant funds that are considered applied research and advanced research

This report also includes UTC-specific indicators, which are based on objectives that each UTC committed to when they submitted their prospectus to apply for the UTC designation. PacTrans has five such indicators:

  1. Research Capabilities – # of presentations, # of publications
  2. Leadership – attendance and participation at summits, conferences, seminars, and workshops
  3. Education and Workforce Development – number of students participating in transportation-related education
  4. Technology Transfer – how many projects are UTC funded for technology transfer
  5. Collaboration – who else is involved, specifically students, in UTC funded research

PacTrans Publications

PacTrans also produces a number of documents on its own accord to keep its affiliates up to speed on happenings:

Newsletter – This is produced quarterly. These newsletters summarizes the news and events of the center over the previous quarter.

Annual Report – This is produced once annually. This publication summarizes all of the news and events, research highlights, and other happenings of the year.