PacTrans Research – An Overview

The universities in the PacTrans consortium have invested heavily in safety and environmental sustainability research to address transportation issues in the region and nationally. We have several sought-after data sources accumulated over many years of research that accounts for the users, vehicles, system network, roadway, and environment. We have many researchers across the five universities that are experts in all five of the Strategic Goals highlighted by the US DOT (safety, sustainability, state of good repair, livable communities, and economic competitiveness) whose expertise can complement the PacTrans objectives of safety and sustainability.

The current PacTrans project portfolio is composed of projects of small, medium and large scopes. The small projects are designed to help foster pilot projects within each consortium university. The medium and large sized projects are designed to include one or more partner institutions.

PacTrans receives its funding from the USDOT to operate as a University Transportation Center (UTC). As such, every UTC is required to match funding on a 1:1 basis. PacTrans is required to provide documentation to RITA for dollars matched. Therefore, all PacTrans research projects are required to have matching on a 1:1 basis.

For more information, please read the PACTRANS COST SHARE EXPLANATION