• August 23, 2017

    PacTrans Hosts Technology Transfer Showcase at WA ITE Annual Conference

    Back in June, at this years Annual Washington Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Conference, PacTrans hosted a technology transfer showcase. Among the presenters with Ruimin Ke, PacTrans student researcher from the University of Washington. Mr. Ke presented PacTrans research that related to the transit bus collision avoidance technology that we have reported on in the past. The title of his presentation was specifically, Testing Transit Bus Automated Collision Avoidance Warning Systems in Revenue Operations — Active Safety Collision Warning Pilot in Washington State.

    “The Rosco/Mobileye Shield+ system is a collision avoidance warning system (CAWS) specifically designed for transit buses operating under daylight conditions. The TRB IDEA project involved field testing and evaluation of the CAWS in revenue service over a three-month period. At the ITE Conference, I presented the University of Washington’s work and result analysis of this project. The presentation included four parts: introduction to the Shield+ system, introduction to the project, system detection performance evaluation, and cost-benefit analysis. This presentation was part of a student session, and it generated interests of the industrial people.”