• August 25, 2014

    2014 PacTrans Regional Transportation Conference: The IOUs of Safety – Infrastructure, Operations and Users

    The 2014 PacTrans Regional Transportation Conference brings together the Pacific Northwest’s transportation community to network and share current research results for technology transfer and ideas for future collaboration. This year’s conference focuses on transportation safety; we will discuss research needs and developments in designing safe infrastructure, safe operations, and safe users. Showcasing research products completed in the 2013-2014 academic year and initiating possible technology transfer processes are important objectives of this conference. We’ll also focus on workforce development and education and how PacTrans is involved in training and identifying the transportation industry’s needs.

    The conference will start with a plenary session featuring public and private sector views of the state of transportation safety. A lunchtime poster session will include a presentation of current PacTrans research. Afternoon sessions will focus on the changing educational needs of the transportation workforce and the secrets for moving research into practice, and we’ll conclude the day with a discussion of PacTrans’ future directions. All conference attendees will have a chance to participate.

    Friday, October 17, 2014
    University of Washington – Seattle campus
    Haggett Cascade Room

    Preliminary Schedule

    8:30 AM   Welcome

    9:00 AM   Keynote Address: Naturalistic Driving Study

    10:00 AM  Brief introductions by PIs for poster session

    10:30 AM  Break

    11:00 AM  Research Session

    12:00 PM  Lunch and poster session

    1:00 PM  Workforce Development

    2:00 PM  Tech Transfer

    2:45 PM  Break

    3:00 PM  Breakout Groups

    4:30 PM  Report Back/Closing Remarks

    5:00 PM  Social Hour and Networking

    6:30 PM  End of Conference